Election Poll Worker

Becoming an election poll worker is an empowering experience that fosters civic engagement. As a vital part of the democratic process, you play a crucial role in ensuring fair and transparent elections. From setting up polling stations to assisting voters and counting ballots, your dedication helps safeguard the integrity of our democracy, making every vote count, all while making a few extra dollars. 

Summary of Election Duties for Poll Workers

Inspector - $180

Democratic Judge - $150

Republican Judge - $130

Clerks - $130

To become an Election Poll Worker, click the link below and fill out the form.

2023 Municipal Election Clerk Training

2023 Municipal Election - Clerk Powerpoint Training

Election Clerk Training 2023.pdf

2023 Municipal Election- Judge and Inspector Training

2023 Judge and Inspector Training.pdf

2023 General Election Day Checklist

2023 GeneralGuide Checklist.pdf

2023 Poll Pad Training

Poll Pad 2023 Training Guide.pptx

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